How does it work?

  • Attach your personal photo ID Copy
  • Fill the online form;
  • you will receiving Annual Tax Return Summary in 48 Hours via email;
  • Print out the summary and sign it Then scan it back to us via email or fax.
  • Please transfer the payment to our account;
  • we will lodge your tax return electronically after receiving your payment.
  • You are receiving Tax Refund in 10 working days.
  • Personal Details

  • Please provide your bank account details

  • Income

  • Business Information

  • Options for providing business Income and Expenses:

    1. Complete the below summary.


    2. Download the Excel summary, complete the summary and attach it

  • Income

  • Other incomeAmount 
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  • Expenses

    Cost of sales:
  • OtherAmount 
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  • Over Heads

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  • Other (e.g. Computer 3/10/2011)Amount 
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  • Deductions

  • Offsets / Adjustments

  • Income Test

  • Other Information

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    I agree and acknowledge the following terms and conditions:
    • I authorise Kevin (Yao) Song Registered Tax Agent to add me as a client with the ATO for taxation purposes.
    • I understand the standard processing is 10 business days from the date the signed Tax Return Form to returned to our office for lodgement. This processing time is might subject to ATO processing delays.
    • I understand that Kevin reserves the right to cease work until full payment of the agreed services.
    • The charge is from $88. We will an invoice to you shortly after you submit your tax return. It excludes of rental properties.